I choose Buzzed God Asks Jesus To Take Wheel it talks about the festive day of Thanksgiving and how people get drunk but in this case was God so he decide to pass the wheel to Jesus because he still sober. At the end God made a recall of what will happen if he drove that night and he see both of them dying.

   This article clearly gave us a lesson about been drunk and drive, because it can end in a tragic situation. The funny thing is that he use Jesus and God as normal people taking out the perfection of their figure in religion. God was drunk, yes he was drunk. So drunk that if he drove night they would die. Jesus was the one who make the drink, he change the water into wine. So Jesus promote this to happen in some way? But in the end its telling you it doesn't matter who you are even if your god, don't drive drunk you can end with your life.

Editorials I looked:
Genome research: a moving story- The guardian.
How America has changed since JFK- Chicago Tribune.
¿Senadores de la droga y partidos traficantes?- Primera Hora
Peace through pandas- The Washington Post
    The article that I choose is ¿Senadores de la droga y partidos traficantes? wrote by Jay Fonseca. I choose this one because is the one nearest to me and talk about the situation in my island. He talk about senators and politicians that are against the legalization on the marijuana but ironically some of them used drugs or were lawyers that work for people that had issues with drugs. He talk about drugs and how the police should aware about other crimes more important. The persons that have in their criminal record, that they had marijuana in their possession, even if it was a little bit, got a lot of trouble trying to find a job. This just help to the problem of unemployment one of the biggest problems in the island. He also talk about the connection of  drug dealers and the politicians. He said that the law that they want to active about not put charges for the possession of little amount of drug this will help with the two things I already said: police officers will attend more important cases and  they will not have problems to find a job for a mistake. I think I can resume everything with this quote:"La medida que despenaliza la posesión de pequeñas cantidades de marihuana es sumamente importante porque va a intentar aportar a dos problemas principales. Primero, que nuestros pocos recursos no sean mal utilizados y que se dirijan a meter presos a verdaderos delincuentes y, en segundo lugar, asegurarnos de que quien se fume un “gallo” no sea condenado por el resto de la vida a tener que trabajar por un error como ese."

   Jay Fonseca, the writer was well informed about the situation and you can see h made research of the people and history of our island. One of my favorite quote is: "Veamos el caso de Thomas Rivera Schatz. El senador dijo que este era el gobierno de la droga por discutir una medida que solo hace que los policías no estén detrás de media onza de marihuana y se metan con los verdaderos delincuentes. Si ese es el caso, Tommy, ¿entonces tú eres el abogado de la droga, ya defendiste personas arrestadas por sustancias controladas? ¿O eras el fiscal de la droga cuando llegaste a acuerdos con acusados en casos de narcóticos?" and other one its the one I already quote. 

  The type of language used by the author is burglar and improper. We can see that he exposed a problem and talk about a solution. Also he was really rude with the politician and ironic. But you can see his passion for the theme and the politic of our island. He is one of the people that doesn't stay quiet in problems that involve our island and our people.


 1.  When my boyfriend left me when he moved out the island.
 2.  When people burn my white table.
 3.  When a professor said "he wants to help the student and he is so good" but all his tests are surprises.
 4.  When people talk good things about Miley Cirus, trying to understand her.
 5.  When people make excuses for break up with you and don't tell you the truth.
 6.  When people call me drunk and said a lot of bullshit.
 7.  When I have to clean dishes.
 8.  When my mom talk too much about problems.
 9.  When my dad only think in himself.
10. When I get sick (happen a lot)
11. When I have to wait to say something for too long.
12. When I don't want to talk about something and you say it but people start to ask you questions about it (fuck I told you I don't want to talk about it)
13. When I'm doing the laboratory by myself when I have two partners.
14. When I'm depress.
15. When I have to keep living in the apartment where I lived with my ex-boyfriend.
16. When people is sarcastic. (My sister)
17. When I can’t understand what people is trying to say, because of their accent.
18. When my family know I'm having a problem but they start to be Psycho and don't want to leave me alone any moment I want space. I want time alone.  
19. When my dad try to buy love with money. His money doesn't give me any kind of love.
20. When people tell me I have anorexia.

 1.  When people is fanatic of politics.
 2.  When people are trying to teach me like a first grader.
 3. When people try to change my mind. We are different. 
4. When people own me money and don't pay.
5. When people talk shit behind my back.
6. When people don't understand anyone is perfect. Don't expect perfection
7. When people do bad things and expect everyone to still loving them.
8. When people don't understand that they have to focus in their lives and not in yours.
9. When people think they are playing with you when you already knows everything.

   The things are separated in things that I think are my personal stuff that don't affect all the other people as well. My personal things are things that I hate when they happen, but I can live with it and I cant change it.  Social are things that happen a lot in the environment and maybe they should change. I think the social column are things that usually happen. I don't fell my columns have too much connections one to the another. Most of them are really different things, and is really hard to find relationship with them.

   I'm going to explain a little bit my first one in social, when people id fanatic of politics. I think this is one of the things I hate the most in my environment. Puerto Rico take politics as a sport, is like a huge competition between colors. I really hate to see people that said I put one cross under the palm tree or whatever they believe. Yes I said believe sometimes I think people dedicate more time to that than religious. I see people that paint their nails with the flags of the political parties, or during the month of elections all the make up and hair clips are of the same color. Why people have to be like that? This make a better government? People vote for a game and no for the best of the island. I never vote, the day I will vote will be the day political parties don't exist and people will have to vote just for a candidate. That day I will be really happy. 

 Well when i was a little kid I didn't realized that and I though everything was good and perfect in Disney Movies. But then I start opening my mind about it. I start to know that Disney was marketing and what they want is people or kids to consume. I know that but at the same time it works on me I still loving Mulan. My initial reaction was normal I already expected that information. How ever it makes me remember again all about it. How really that affect our environment and how will kid grow. That's what kids are learning to be like. Disney should be more innocent and more careful in what they teach to kids. They should think a little more in the kids and no in the marketinmg. What makes me reflect the most was seen the kids talking about the movie and saying what they think about it. Sometimes the kids were really harsh in their comments.

    The song that I chose that I like was ''Tu Reputacion" by Ricardo Arjona. The song is about a girl that have had a lot of boys and sex. But he fall in love with her. But he is clear that he is not a saint and he didn't expect here to be one neither. That's break with the rule about girls always have to be such a saint and wait for that man 'when boys doesn't do it. I think break with the chauvinism. He said that is the past make you kiss me like this I felt sorry for the one was before me. My favorite line is when he said: "A lady is not the one who doesn't have sex is the one who stop when found love". The others where your school but I will be your graduation when you put the heart in that practice. He know people said things about her but he is sure about her and what she show to him is sweetness. But he know that all she was was prepared for him.
    The song for me is how a relationship has to be taking apart the chauvinism, the people and just concentrate in each other and what they have now no in the past. When you really love you care about the relationship and don't mess up. This song really meant a lot for me.

Loca song of Shakira is the one I didn't like. I was a fan of her but when she start this rhythm I didn't find any sense to her songs. Her compose now are so shitty compared with the old ones. The song is about this man that have other girl a girls who love him a do everything for him but he is having sex with this other girl. The girl is really jealous about it. And the singer repeat once again and again that she is crazy with her tiger, crazy, crazy, crazy. And she dont have any kids.
Loving words







no monotonous




Neutral words









Stress, anger and judgment




Work study

House work

hate (monotonous)





Freak out

    Well I think is a tie between the loving words and the stress, anger and judgment. I'm in a moment right now where I'm freaking out that's why I think the have almost the same amount. I'm starting a huge change in my life and it makes me freak out, I think is normal. And this description of my life it will keep changing, and it will never be the same one, I wrote before.

   I always think about my life but never write it. Usually I think too much about my life  what I do wrong, what I can change, what I'm good at, I constantly evaluate myself. That's why I freak out too much. I feel really strange because I had everything on my mind but I can't let it go I can't write about it at same as I think about it. I feel maybe exposed, and I don't like that feeling. I revealed my insecurities, my scare to changes, my positivism, my ingenuity. I knew all those things already my biggest issue is that I don't believe in myself how other people believe in me. I have to work on that, I need to believe in myself.
 Enjoy life.

 ¿Quien Manda? is a romantic comedy starring Frank Bogaert Nashla Perozo and which together form the essential structure underlying its history. It has Alex and Natalie , two individuals who are , in every romantic relationship, the opportunity to have fun without having to comply with formal commitments beyond three months . When they know the ratio method each is tested to tip the balance toward mastery of the relationship. No one wants to give in, but in this war of the sexes and egos , anything can happen. Alex is a relaxed type , sophisticated and a great conqueror , who knows all the tricks to get yourself to any woman. Their relationships are always short and shallow , as he loves his freedom and enjoy the benefits this brings. It is the typical relationship expert who advises his friends on what to say or how to act to conquer a woman . Her life is perfect until he meets Natalie , a sensual , daring and fun , with the same lifestyle. Natalie likes to be in control in the relationship, and that is why they will also be at a crossroads where they face each other and their feelings , to show who's boss at the end.

All the movie was expected, and if you saw the trailers that's what you're going to see. I expect more things, more war, and you don't see that. The actors they did a good work in overall. The idea of the movie was perfect but they stay too short they should show more things, the movie had time to put more thing, the duration was not even two hours. I like the fact they introduce you to the movie like you're there and the sometimes talk to you, but i thing sometimes was too much. it was an Ok movie I expect a lot more.

  This movie is about, Valentín an Acapulco's resident playboy, until a former fling leaves a baby on his doorstep and takes off without a trace. Leaving Mexico for Los Angeles to find the baby's mother. He ends up being hired as a stuntman, finding a new home for himself and his newfound daughter.  As Valentín raises Maggie, she forces him to grow up too. But their unique and offbeat family is threatened when Maggie's birth mother shows up out of the blue, and Valentín realizes he is in danger of losing his daughter as well as his best friend. At the same time, Valentín discovers that a disease is threatening to separate them as well, and that they may not have much time left together. 

 Eungenio Derbez, a mexican actor and comedian was Valentin, wich makes me go and promote  the latin american actors.Loreto peralta was the daughter Maggie I had never saw her in a movie but she did a great job.

This movie was really funny but really dramatic at the same time. You can see the change of a person when kids come. Also I saw the love of father and how much he do for his daughter, and how she makes him to be more mature. They make you get into the movie and feel the same. It was a really complete movie have everything really organized. You don't know how the end will be until the end comes so is not too predicted. I recommend to see this movie because have comedy drama is organized and is not predicted.






I'm going to describe Imanol, my nephew. He is 3 years old, is a little person. He is really tiny and little. He have metabolic problems that affect his growth. his brown short hair is soft, silk, and also is really shinning. His eyes are so big and brown. His little lips have a very defined form and pink. His ears are so little compared with other kids. Imanol skin have a natural tan. he used to walk with the point of his toes, and with the belly up. His nose is little as all his body, he have a pug-nose .His little feet are uncontrollable he don't stop moving them for a second. He don't have a long neck but neither short.