The song that I chose that I like was ''Tu Reputacion" by Ricardo Arjona. The song is about a girl that have had a lot of boys and sex. But he fall in love with her. But he is clear that he is not a saint and he didn't expect here to be one neither. That's break with the rule about girls always have to be such a saint and wait for that man 'when boys doesn't do it. I think break with the chauvinism. He said that is the past make you kiss me like this I felt sorry for the one was before me. My favorite line is when he said: "A lady is not the one who doesn't have sex is the one who stop when found love". The others where your school but I will be your graduation when you put the heart in that practice. He know people said things about her but he is sure about her and what she show to him is sweetness. But he know that all she was was prepared for him.
    The song for me is how a relationship has to be taking apart the chauvinism, the people and just concentrate in each other and what they have now no in the past. When you really love you care about the relationship and don't mess up. This song really meant a lot for me.

Loca song of Shakira is the one I didn't like. I was a fan of her but when she start this rhythm I didn't find any sense to her songs. Her compose now are so shitty compared with the old ones. The song is about this man that have other girl a girls who love him a do everything for him but he is having sex with this other girl. The girl is really jealous about it. And the singer repeat once again and again that she is crazy with her tiger, crazy, crazy, crazy. And she dont have any kids.

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