1.  When my boyfriend left me when he moved out the island.
 2.  When people burn my white table.
 3.  When a professor said "he wants to help the student and he is so good" but all his tests are surprises.
 4.  When people talk good things about Miley Cirus, trying to understand her.
 5.  When people make excuses for break up with you and don't tell you the truth.
 6.  When people call me drunk and said a lot of bullshit.
 7.  When I have to clean dishes.
 8.  When my mom talk too much about problems.
 9.  When my dad only think in himself.
10. When I get sick (happen a lot)
11. When I have to wait to say something for too long.
12. When I don't want to talk about something and you say it but people start to ask you questions about it (fuck I told you I don't want to talk about it)
13. When I'm doing the laboratory by myself when I have two partners.
14. When I'm depress.
15. When I have to keep living in the apartment where I lived with my ex-boyfriend.
16. When people is sarcastic. (My sister)
17. When I can’t understand what people is trying to say, because of their accent.
18. When my family know I'm having a problem but they start to be Psycho and don't want to leave me alone any moment I want space. I want time alone.  
19. When my dad try to buy love with money. His money doesn't give me any kind of love.
20. When people tell me I have anorexia.

 1.  When people is fanatic of politics.
 2.  When people are trying to teach me like a first grader.
 3. When people try to change my mind. We are different. 
4. When people own me money and don't pay.
5. When people talk shit behind my back.
6. When people don't understand anyone is perfect. Don't expect perfection
7. When people do bad things and expect everyone to still loving them.
8. When people don't understand that they have to focus in their lives and not in yours.
9. When people think they are playing with you when you already knows everything.

   The things are separated in things that I think are my personal stuff that don't affect all the other people as well. My personal things are things that I hate when they happen, but I can live with it and I cant change it.  Social are things that happen a lot in the environment and maybe they should change. I think the social column are things that usually happen. I don't fell my columns have too much connections one to the another. Most of them are really different things, and is really hard to find relationship with them.

   I'm going to explain a little bit my first one in social, when people id fanatic of politics. I think this is one of the things I hate the most in my environment. Puerto Rico take politics as a sport, is like a huge competition between colors. I really hate to see people that said I put one cross under the palm tree or whatever they believe. Yes I said believe sometimes I think people dedicate more time to that than religious. I see people that paint their nails with the flags of the political parties, or during the month of elections all the make up and hair clips are of the same color. Why people have to be like that? This make a better government? People vote for a game and no for the best of the island. I never vote, the day I will vote will be the day political parties don't exist and people will have to vote just for a candidate. That day I will be really happy. 


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