¿Quien Manda? is a romantic comedy starring Frank Bogaert Nashla Perozo and which together form the essential structure underlying its history. It has Alex and Natalie , two individuals who are , in every romantic relationship, the opportunity to have fun without having to comply with formal commitments beyond three months . When they know the ratio method each is tested to tip the balance toward mastery of the relationship. No one wants to give in, but in this war of the sexes and egos , anything can happen. Alex is a relaxed type , sophisticated and a great conqueror , who knows all the tricks to get yourself to any woman. Their relationships are always short and shallow , as he loves his freedom and enjoy the benefits this brings. It is the typical relationship expert who advises his friends on what to say or how to act to conquer a woman . Her life is perfect until he meets Natalie , a sensual , daring and fun , with the same lifestyle. Natalie likes to be in control in the relationship, and that is why they will also be at a crossroads where they face each other and their feelings , to show who's boss at the end.

All the movie was expected, and if you saw the trailers that's what you're going to see. I expect more things, more war, and you don't see that. The actors they did a good work in overall. The idea of the movie was perfect but they stay too short they should show more things, the movie had time to put more thing, the duration was not even two hours. I like the fact they introduce you to the movie like you're there and the sometimes talk to you, but i thing sometimes was too much. it was an Ok movie I expect a lot more.


Selena Marie
10/27/2013 11:11pm

Here you can kinda feel that both paragraphs were written by different people just by the way its written and that makes it a little confusing. I think it was too much summary, not enough opinion. The comments I found to be a bit superficial, not really telling me much about the movie other than it was short and predictable. I really liked your "liked" movie post a lot more.


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