Editorials I looked:
Genome research: a moving story- The guardian.
How America has changed since JFK- Chicago Tribune.
¿Senadores de la droga y partidos traficantes?- Primera Hora
Peace through pandas- The Washington Post
    The article that I choose is ¿Senadores de la droga y partidos traficantes? wrote by Jay Fonseca. I choose this one because is the one nearest to me and talk about the situation in my island. He talk about senators and politicians that are against the legalization on the marijuana but ironically some of them used drugs or were lawyers that work for people that had issues with drugs. He talk about drugs and how the police should aware about other crimes more important. The persons that have in their criminal record, that they had marijuana in their possession, even if it was a little bit, got a lot of trouble trying to find a job. This just help to the problem of unemployment one of the biggest problems in the island. He also talk about the connection of  drug dealers and the politicians. He said that the law that they want to active about not put charges for the possession of little amount of drug this will help with the two things I already said: police officers will attend more important cases and  they will not have problems to find a job for a mistake. I think I can resume everything with this quote:"La medida que despenaliza la posesión de pequeñas cantidades de marihuana es sumamente importante porque va a intentar aportar a dos problemas principales. Primero, que nuestros pocos recursos no sean mal utilizados y que se dirijan a meter presos a verdaderos delincuentes y, en segundo lugar, asegurarnos de que quien se fume un “gallo” no sea condenado por el resto de la vida a tener que trabajar por un error como ese."

   Jay Fonseca, the writer was well informed about the situation and you can see h made research of the people and history of our island. One of my favorite quote is: "Veamos el caso de Thomas Rivera Schatz. El senador dijo que este era el gobierno de la droga por discutir una medida que solo hace que los policías no estén detrás de media onza de marihuana y se metan con los verdaderos delincuentes. Si ese es el caso, Tommy, ¿entonces tú eres el abogado de la droga, ya defendiste personas arrestadas por sustancias controladas? ¿O eras el fiscal de la droga cuando llegaste a acuerdos con acusados en casos de narcóticos?" and other one its the one I already quote. 

  The type of language used by the author is burglar and improper. We can see that he exposed a problem and talk about a solution. Also he was really rude with the politician and ironic. But you can see his passion for the theme and the politic of our island. He is one of the people that doesn't stay quiet in problems that involve our island and our people.


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