My picture is about glamorous clothing. The picture was taking for fashion and marketing porpoises the model is getting the picture for a photographer, we can see she is modeling to the camera. The picture has a model modeling a red dress with a lot of details of needlework. The dress is red but the red top fabric you can see through it and under that have a white fabric, making a really cool look, because the needlework looks red and the rest like pink.  The dress is long and has short sleeves. Also it fits really well to the body so you can show your body a little bit. Around her you can see some trees with six white orchids and the look so pretty. The environment looks really fresh and peaceful, a please you can get you r stress out. On the picture she is not wearing any jewelry, making her neutrality to stand out. The skin of the model is white with blue eyes. Her make up in the eyes is really strong and dark; her lips were pink but pallid, the blush in her cheeks were pink but more pallid that the pink on her lips. In her dark brown, hair she has brandings with dark red flowers on it. She is covering her face with a transparent white veil. Behind her you can see a bench. Her face looks so fragile also her body giving a look of ingenuity. The picture looks fashion and sophisticates.

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