1. We are family by Sister Sledge
For the start of a soundtrack of my life I have to start with my family. My family is really close with my mom. She is my friend and my two sisters as well. One of my sisters live in California and other in Texas but we call each other all the time and talk by Skype, we cant live without each other.

2. Luz Clarita by Daniela Lujan
 If I think about my childhood one of the biggest memories would be "Luz Clarita" of Daniela Lujan. I remember everything about the actress and how much she relates to my childhood. The other day I found the cassette and a lot of things came to my mind including how innocent I was. I always cry, girls would bite me and hit me and I would only cry. I was the most innocent girl.

3. My reflection by Christina Aguilera
I love the movie Mulan, it was one of my favorite movies when I was a girl. I wanted to be strong like her and fight like her. This song has stayed with me and I frequently sing and listen to it. When I remember Mulan the movie this song just comes to my mind.

4. Im Just a Kid by Simple Plan
When I was in school I didn't hang out at all, I was a student and a tennis player so I didn't get out much. People were having fun and I was just playing tennis or in a tournament.
5. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
This song reminds me of when I would be in tournament of tennis. I'm really competitive and I was a good player, I traveled to different places to represent Puerto Rico and that made me really proud. But every time I played in a tournament I went to kill.

6. High School Never Ends by Bowling for Soup
When I was in high school I just see a lot of bitchy girls, dudes that think they are handsome as f..., people that vain who would look down on others, and kids that think they are cool because they had a lot of sex. I thought everything will be different in college but a lot of things stayed the same.

7.Livin' la Vida Loca by Ricky Martin
This is the best song that describes my first 2 years of university with my friends we had a really intense nights out. We partied for a lot of weeks. I think it was a really awesome time in my life.

8. Solo Cup by Toby Keith
Its almost been two years since I met the boys of the Coast Guard they became part of my life, with them I started talking English more and I also made some fiends including my boyfriend. I picked this song because I remember how much they loved it and how they would play it in all the bars we went to. I will never forget all times we played beer pong, this song was our anthem.

9. Express by Christina Aguilera
I have sung since I was in high school, I don't think I'm an amazing singer but I love to sing. I performed this song a year ago and it is my best performance I think. Which is why I decided to put this song to talk about my love of singing.

10. God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton
This song is part of my relationship with my boyfriend, it is our song, but at the same time it makes me think about all the people around me. People that help me and love me; my family and friends, including people that I don't know but in a certain moment they are there for me.

11. Hard to Love by Lee Brice
My boyfriend dedicated me this song, to try to show me how he felt. When I listen to the song I think about all the stuff that you see when you are living with someone, that maybe you don't like or it is hard for you but you still love
them and are happy.

12. Shining on by Big D and the Kids Table
This is an overall song when everything is going bad, the sun keeps shinning and we have to keep our living with a happy face and with our head always up.

*Note: The name of each song have a link that show you the video of each one.


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