This movie is a Romantic Comedy, Based in a true story.

The theme song will be "Hard to Love" by Lee Brice.

A member of the coast guard named Ernest Wilder, came from United States to live in Puerto Rico because of his work. When he came to the island he spent a lot of time drinking in bars with his co workers because in the States he couldn't go out to drink. After a few weeks he met a girl named Angelica at a get together in his coworker's apartment. At that time Angelica had a boyfriend which was causing her a lot of trouble. Angelica arrived there with some of her friends and she was not confident with speaking English. She could understand what people said so, at first she pretended to be unable to speak English. It was really funny how Ernest was trying to speak Spanish or use signs to let her know what he wanted to say. The whole time not knowing she could understand him in English. Angelica was not only dealing with him, Ernest's boss was trying to flirt with her as well. At that moment all the craziness started.

              Angelica is played by Kate del Castillo, Ernest Wilder as Ryan Merriman, Tatianna as Roselyn Sanchez, and Ernest's boss as Woody Harrelson.

                    I chose the title as Barriers because as a couple we had to deal with the language, my ex boyfriend,  and the cultural differences. I chose "Hard to love" by Lee Brice as the song for my film because with all the barriers it was not easy to fall in love with each other.


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