I read the piece of writing: A Collegiette's Classification of UPR. I really think it was super funny, and it's true of course. When you see it in general, it always has some exceptions to the rules. I think girls and boys look like similar but with just a few differences but the categories are generally the same. I think the homo lumpen tiraos are everywhere in all the University and most of the people have at least one day in the semester dressing like that, maybe not with the politic shirt but tiraos , in this I'm including myself as a girl. In ADMI I complete agree with that. They had diversity but I think she explained them perfectly, in girls I would not add the ocean girls. I didn't see that being a big mark in girls. About the freshmen, I don't have too much to said they are in transition. I'm from Naturales, yes I agree sometimes we look like we are not sleeping at all, we have to go someday with tennis or close shoes, and sometimes we look weird. Yes always we have a lot of baggage that's so true. I personally don't like the coffee. It is true for most people. When they talk about coffee during class, it makes them want to leave to go get some coffee. About the architecture student it is so true, every once in a while you see them walking with their huge drawing book
or their plans of a building for a work also like the Naturales people  they have a lot of baggage. And maybe you may know someone  that is studying in this department and you will never know that person is the university, its happened to me I have been her for 3  years in the University and the other day I just met a person who graduate with me was studying here, so when i read the piece i laugh a lot while reading that part because I remember that. I completely agree with Huma and is kinda the same for girls. It doesn't change too much. 
Now I'm going to describe better my department: Naturales and for girls 

Environmental science: This people are always fighting for the plastic and why we buy bottles of water. Maybe you will see them in a table with all the bottles of water in the floor and talking about that. Sometimes you will see them wearing a T-Shirt against Monsanto. They always wear sport jeans, shirt, normal for going to the university and also know that we are in "Naturales" with a lot of bichas. 

Chemistry and Biology: I think I can put them in the same one most of them are really come mierdas and also always have the nails painted with shellac and messing with their hairs in all the classes.You can just see all of them in a class playing with their hairs. But it is not just the appearance it is also the movements even for get a pencil, or talk you can put the bitch  banner on the forehead

Computer Science: Those girls are weird, and don't have any sense of fashion. They look really geeky but some are nice. I wish some of them can get a makeover and change the appearance.

Physics: I don't know anyone that is in the physics department but if some girl is in there I will consider her a genius because I cant deal with the physics. I hate it a lot.

Well and the end of this we will always see a tendency in some departments but is not all true because we are just generalizing. We all have our sense of style but the personality is unique. I just say what I think.


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